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Hawaii Air Duct Cleaning Services

Both residential and commercial ductwork contain air contaminants, pollutants, allergens, and even pests. Considering how frequently we run our air conditioner here in Hawaii, that means you’re breathing in the dirty air every day.

The experts at Captain Cool provide the best in local duct cleaning options, keeping your family safe and comfortable for longer. Contact us today for the convenient choice of duct cleaning services for your HVAC systems.

Who Needs Duct Cleaning?

There are numerous of causes for contaminated air to remain in a building. Whether your compressor and ducts didn’t get installed correctly, or you have increased moisture levels, it doesn’t take much for bacteria and germs to grow.

Some homeowners are concerned with the health aspects of air quality, while others are worried about the mechanical side. Whatever you remained concerned about, our team is here to help.

Your health, as well as your family’s remains at risk with dirty ducts. And if you have lingering health concerns such as asthma, seasonal allergies, and other symptoms are made worse.

Whether you can’t stop sneezing or your child has chronic headaches, you likely require duct cleaning. When you spend more time feeling sick than healthy, you need our HVAC experts are here to help.

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Air Contaminants

While every home is going to contain some bacteria growth, there are more pressing threats that concern your family. Even something as inconspicuous as dirt can keep your homesick.

Mold spores are among the most hazardous contaminants you can find. If your ductwork or HVAC components contain mold, it’s going to continue circulating them throughout your home.

Most mold forms around where there is plenty of moisture, as well as cool, dark areas. Ignored mold growth is known to cause increased allergy symptoms, mental concerns, and increased toxicity.

Mold spores are what brings on sudden dizziness, tiredness, and headaches. If someone complains of these symptoms reoccurring, you have a mold problem.

Do you keep your home clean? If not, dust can worsen allergies and asthma while your HVAC makes the issue worse.

Dust not only clogs ventilation systems, but it helps grow dust mites. These mites are known to carry allergens which affect some people more than others.

Dirt poses a more significant threat to your system than it does to you, although it’s known to carry pollen and allergens as well. As it moves through the mechanical aspects of your HVAC systems, it wears away motors and parts, reducing the service life.

Any home that has pets living indoors has plenty of air contaminants. In addition to the natural allergens of pet dander, your animals get covered in mud, pollen, grass, and other things that contaminate your air quality.

Unfortunately, those who purchase a home where the previous tenants had pets, they likely experience health symptoms. If you are moving into a dirty house, you need us to help you.

Finally, did you know that many homes have some species of rodent or pest living inside?  Birds, bugs, and rodents are all known to carry diseases, and their droppings are especially harmful to your health.

HVAC System Inefficiency

You may find that while one our technicians are servicing your home, they may mention that you require duct cleaning. Not only will duct cleaning keep you healthier, but it will improve your system’s overall efficiency.

As your compressor continues to draw in dust, dirt, and other contaminants, it makes it challenging for your system to force air through your ducts. When ducts require more force, it means working your units harder and more often.

Over time, the same aspects wearing your system down are also harming the mechanical components. All it takes is one part to wear out to bring your HVAC system to a halt.

Do I Need Duct Cleaning?

It’s easier to remember maintenance services when there is a clear timeline to have it performed regularly. Unfortunately, when it comes to duct cleaning, there is no perfect time for it.

According to many agencies including the EPA, every household should at minimum have a duct inspection every few years. Other reasons for duct cleaning involve moving into a new home, following renovation work, and those prone to extreme allergies should have it performed regularly.

If an inspector finds evidence of pests around HVAC systems, you likely need contaminants cleaned out. Or, if it isn’t pests that they found but water damage and increased moisture, it’s also a good idea.

Pet owners or homeowners that regularly smoke are likely living with clogged ventilation systems as well. If you are unsure if you require duct cleaning, you should call us and know for sure.

What Gets Included in Duct Cleaning?

If a service provider dives into your dirty ducts without inspecting them first, they are not a professional. A cleaner must know what the reason behind the problem is before they can correct it.

An initial inspection is also required to ensure that they aren’t disturbing something like asbestos or other hazardous materials. We want to keep you, and our technicians, remain safe.

Cleaning out your HVAC system should also include thoroughly inspecting your system. That should cover everything involved with cooling your home, including:

We use a variety of equipment to clean down deep, restoring your HVAC system to remain safer. We rely on a series of brushes to scrub away stubborn debris and a vacuum component to remove it all.

Before we finish, we fully reseal any components we had to open, as well as correct any small holes we had to make. We double check our work with an in-depth checklist to ensure that we didn’t miss a thing before we leave.

The Benefits Of Air Duct Cleaning

There are many benefits to hiring air duct cleaning, most of which are a reduction in health concerns and reduced energy costs for your home. When you choose Captain Cool to clean your ducts, we force all the unwanted aspects out fast.

We make sure all your allergens and hazards walk the plank, preventing them from continued harm. And because we know that haphazard cleaning can make things worse, we always check for the following:

There’s a reason why we remain the top choice for more homes on the island. We hire only the best local HVAC experts we can find to provide you with the lasting results you deserve.

Call today for your best duct cleaning services. We can help you breathe easier once more.