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Whether you’re still constructing your new house, building an addition, or remodeling aging areas in your home, you may be forgetting the importance of installing ductwork. When you need expert installations and affordable pricing every day, you need Captain Cool to keep you comfortable.

Although putting ducts in place isn’t difficult, it is challenging to know that your entire HVAC system will work with the new ventilation. Many homeowners who attempt duct installations themselves often cause many more problems as a result.

Once they see their monthly cooling bills continue to climb, they know that they didn’t install them correctly. Instead, let us handle your duct installations from start to finish and experience the best quality possible.

Duct Installation Concerns

The simple act of adding more ducts to your home requires more planning than you may think. Most find it best to accurately chart out where ductwork is going, as well as the flow of air through the home, to know where they need to go.

Sharp corner in ducts will result in blocked airways and inefficient systems. Unlike cars, your HVAC system can’t handle hairpin turns which are prone to dirt and dust clogs.

Improper sealing can lead to cooled air escaping through the vents before it even arrives at where you’re sitting. You may find that after you install ducts yourself, you’re only cooling the attic.

Placing a duct near an outward facing wall or not insulating enough around it will also waste more of your cooled air. The same is true for ducts that are the wrong size.

If your ducts don’t meet your load requirements, or they don’t get installed in the right spots, you’re going to wind up with inefficient HVAC systems. That is especially true if you fail to connect return vents, which bring the cooled air back around to the compressor.

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Installing Air Ducts

There are several different steps and materials involved in setting ductwork. If you still plan on installing them on your own, you’ll need at minimum a sufficient set of screws, screwdrivers, tin snips, fittings, and duct pipes.

Sheet metal gets used, but it must be the right weight and durability. The stronger the material, the more rigid they become, making it harder for air to pass through.

Some of the ductwork is plastic, which is lighter than metal and more durable. However, plastic is also prone to cracking, making it challenging to work with during installation.

Fiberglass is a top material choice because it can get used on new and existing duct systems. They are also easier to cut, seal, and install than heavier metal.

Begin with a design in mind that covers all pathways, vents, and returns. Make sure that you have enough materials for all your rooms before you begin making cuts.

Many people forget to include the plenum or the chamber that stores air from the cooling system. Most plenums are where the trunk lines run.

The trunk lines are what are responsible for pulling air out of the system and sending it through the ducts. If they don’t get capped correctly, cooled air will escape.

The ducts that divert air through the house are aptly named branch runs. Branch runs move air to specific rooms but do require joints that won’t allow air to dissipate along the way.

Finally, return ducts will allow air to continue making a complete flow by bringing it back to the compressor. Without return ducts, air gets pushed out to rooms without getting recycled back in the system.

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Sure, you could attempt installing your air ducts on your own. However, you’re going to face higher material costs, a ton of time, and a fair share of headaches in the process.

Our team has installed ducts, and provided the best in HVAC services, for over 32 years. When you need your ductwork done quickly and correctly, no one else does it all like Captain Cool.