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Honolulu, Hawaii can become incredibly hot and humid, placing a ton of strain on your home heating and cooling systems. The added heat and moisture forces your HVAC components to operate longer and more often, putting more wear on them.

Because of that, Captain Cool is available for any cooling emergency 24-hours a day every day. HVAC breakdowns don’t take a day off, and neither do we.

We provide live customer service around the clock to make sure you don’t have to struggle with a robot. Our experienced technicians make sure you thoroughly understand the problem, the potential corrections, and their costs before having you agree to any repairs.

No matter when you need our help, day or night, we guarantee that you receive the lowest prices possible and fast repairs. When you need to know that your job gets done right on the first try, look no further than us.

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What Causes AC Emergencies?

Unfortunately, you’re going to experience heating and cooling issues eventually. Much like operating a vehicle, the mechanic components will break down, but there are some warning signs to catch.

If you don’t have preventative service performed, you’re just ignoring smaller, simple problems that grow into significant ones. While you may not want to spend the additional money on a checkup, it’s far less expensive than replacing your system.

Undiagnosed issues may mean that your system isn’t adequately cooling. When equipment isn’t fully operational, or there are cooling leaks, it means blowing hot air through your uncomfortable home.

Choosing a friend or neighbor to peak at your components may sound like an affordable way to maintain your HVAC systems. However, if they don’t know what they’re doing, they can wind up causing much more harm than help.

Finally, there’s the added cost of old, outdated systems. Although you may not be prepared to pay for a replacement, some homeowners are spending more keeping an aging system limping along.

If you are continually fighting with your AC, or repair costs are stacking up, it may be cheaper just to replace it. When in doubt, however, call Captain Cool for the most trusted services around.