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Hawaii Commercial HVAC Repair Services

It’s difficult to make that critical sale when the customer is sweating and fanning their face. And employees who are always too hot or too cold are less productive than those who remain comfortable.

When heating and cooling problems are interrupting your business, you need the best in local commercial HVAC maintenance services. Since 1986, Captain Cool has helped more business owners in saving on the quality repairs and maintenance they require.

If your cooling systems are continuing to run inefficiently, it’s only going to cost more to keep them forcing air through the building. Before you find yourself facing expensive repair fees, call us now and save more on better service.

Prolong Maintenance The Safe Way

Any AC system that requires maintenance shouldn’t get ignored. However, some items are simple enough for anyone to handle.

For starters, your air filters require replacing every couple of months depending on how frequently the air is cooled. Continuing to operate your thermostat with a clogged filter is a surefire way to ruin the compressor.

Any obstructions inside of the condenser unit can also cause issues. That can include plants, leaves, and weeds, or snack wrappers and animal debris.

Every so often, look at your vents to see if you notice any physical blockages. You’d be surprised how much dust and dirt build up over time.

Finally, we recommend maintaining a service diary, calendar, or log that allows you to track what fixes have gotten completed, as well as future items that must get scheduled. By knowing what your system needs, you can help eliminate false causes and symptoms easily.

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Oahu Commercial HVAC Repair

Prevention is always the best way to extend the useful service life of your HVAC systems. When you call us, we can ensure your cooling components are in full working order, as well as any repairs that should get completed to maintain it.

We inspect your entire system, looking for any warning signs of obstruction or worn out components. You’ll be glad that your compressor is in perfect condition when the summer heat hits.

Other items that we look for include refrigeration levels, ductwork leaks, unseen damage, and a complete diagnostics check. If we find anything out of place, you’re the first one to know.

Call Captain Cool today to prevent expensive repair costs later. We’re the top name in HVAC services for more area residents.