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Oahu Commercial AC Repair

Commercial AC Repair In Hawaii

It’s no secret that happy employees remain productive at work. What happens, however, when your office remains stuffy, and your staff continues sweating?

When your business gets too hot to handle, you need commercial air conditioning repairs as quickly as possible. At Captain Cool HVAC Services, we provide the best in affordable 24-hour repair service for any need.

Choose us when you need a licensed heating and cooling expert, no matter what time day or night. No one keeps your company comfortable with less like we do every day for:

  • Unresponsive Air Conditioners
  • Rattling Units
  • Loud/Unusual Sounds
  • Shaking/Vibrating AC Units
  • Inoperable Blower Fans
  • Unresponsive Compressor Unit
  • Hot Air Blowing
  • Water Pooling Near Unit

Even advanced service needs are no match for our talented technicians. We always get to the heart of your problems, correcting the most stubborn issues you have.

A lack of power could be a few different issues. Old wiring loses its connectivity, while faulty breakers can continually trip, switching the unit off. Or, if the air conditioning unit overheats, it may shut down as a safety feature to protect it from getting damaged.

As fan belts wear out, they get loud, usually with an annoying squealing sound that doesn’t quit until the thermostat kicks off. However, if you don’t get this repaired before it breaks, a quick and easy repair becomes expensive.

Does your air conditioner sound like a snake when it runs? It’s likely a slice in the refrigerant hose or another leak. Not only is this making your system work harder than usual, but it’s pumping fluids into the environment.

If it seems as if your air conditioning is continuing to run on the warm side, it’s likely a frozen evaporator coil. There are many causes of this issue, including lack of refrigerant, decreased air circulation, and running it around the clock.

Another cause of hot air coming out is a defective compressor unit. Replacing your compressor is among the most expensive maintenance items, and it’s best to discuss your options before paying higher out of pocket costs.

You must have an operating fan mower to keep cooled air moving through ducts. The best course of action is having us repair or replace it as soon as possible.

Your condensation line clears pooling water away from the machine, but it can get easily clogged. Whatever happens to obstruct your drainage line, from naturally growing algae and weeds to pests, we can clear it all away fast.

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Preventative Care & Maintenance

Although you likely don’t want to call for maintenance more than you must, scheduled service can keep your office’s air conditioner operating at its peak performance. In addition to annual service inspections, however, you should also tend to periodic maintenance needs like changing out old air filters.

Having your systems serviced can extend its useful service life, as well as helps you reduce your utility costs. When you need to keep your staff and customers as comfortable as possible, you need us maintaining your systems.

If you’ve considered replacing your existing units with independent indoor units, we can help you save with that as well. Rather than using power to cool your entire building, single-room air conditioners only operate when they’re needed, drastically reducing costs and working more efficiently.

When you have employees who work different schedules, or there are meeting rooms that don’t get used frequently, you may continue spending a fortune on keeping those comfortable who aren’t even there. Instead, you can take better control of your cooling easily.

Industrial cooling units are loud and soon begin rattling with each use. Ductless split systems, however, have less pressure running through them, and they can get installed up to 50 feet away for added noise reduction. If you have workers who have a noisy cooling unit directly outside of their window, this is a straightforward solution to keep them happy.

Finally, replacing your outdated systems with modern ductless units is among the most efficient ways of keeping cool. Regulations have improved, and your new ductless cooling system should have a SEER rating of at least 20, helping you keep utility costs low each month.

Not only will these units operate better, but they don’t need air ducts to keep you comfortable. When there are no ducts, there is no lost energy due to leaks again.

Whatever your maintenance, repair, and replacement needs might be, we remain the best choice for every service call. Choose Captain Cool HVAC Services today for your affordable cooling solutions.