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Oahu Commercial AC Replacements

Commercial AC Services In Hawaii

Just like old office computers begin falling apart, you can only run your business’ AC units for so long. Eventually, usually about a decade after installation, you’ll need to find a replacement unit soon.

A general best practice is that when repair costs meet or exceed half of the original purchase price, it’s no longer worth maintaining. When you need the best in affordable commercial HVAC services, Captain Cool is the trusted choice.

We’ve kept more area businesses comfortable for over 32 years. When you encounter lingering moisture and hotter temperatures, it will lead to mold, mildew, and bacteria growth.

When your systems can’t keep up with your business’ demands, it’s time to call in the professionals for the best replacements around. Call today for your best HVAC service and save.

Commercial HVAC Replacement

Replacing old cooling systems isn’t just a smart idea, but a wise investment. In fact, you may experience up to 40% better cooling savings just from having a new unit installed.

More comfortable employees are more productive ones, helping your staff catch up after heat and humidity prevented them from operating at their best. And for those concerned about their impact on the environment, newer systems are far more efficient than aging ones.

Best of all, newer units come with a service warranty, helping you reduce future repair costs in the meantime. And because the EPA has mandated that R-22 refrigeration is to get phased out, you’re installing a new system at an opportune time.

Living in the heat and humidity of Hawaii makes a new AC unit a necessity. However, be sure to know the exact costs involved if you need an entirely different system than the one you already have in place.

You may find that you qualify for a rebate or a tax incentive for reducing your energy costs. All of these savings combined make a new AC compressor a wise decision.

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What System Cools You?

The typical person may not know that there are several heating and cooling system types. Depending on what kind keeps your building comfortable will ultimately determine your service needs and cost.

Split systems, for instance, are among the most frequently found systems. These are the cooling systems with both an interior and exterior unit, as well as ductwork to transfer air.

Packaged AC systems only use the one exterior compressor to move air through ducts. Ductless mini-splits are mounted to an outer wall and don’t need as much ventilation as other systems.

Smaller offices and buildings may receive enough cooling from portable units that get installed in window frames. Evaporative coolers, on the other hand, remove heat through filtering air moisture and operate on the roof.

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For complete commercial HVAC services, call the team at Captain Cool. We can replace any unit type that you need, as well as start you off on the right foot with an in-house maintenance log.

When you need to save more on your business’ comfort, you can always rely on us. Since 1986, we’ve provided the best in dedicated heating and cooling solutions.