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Oahu Air Conditioner Maintenance Services

Professional AC Repair & Maintenance In Hawaii

Most of us don’t pay our HVAC system any mind until we notice that it isn’t operating right. Did you know, however, that if your air conditioning system continues to run inefficiently, it spikes your monthly utility costs?

Some homeowners may see HVAC repairs as a waste of time and money. Why wouldn’t you just replace it when it burns out?

What they may not understand is that a new compressor can cost thousands. In the meantime, they’re paying more for running their inefficient system more frequently all day and night.

Before you find yourself spending a fortune on heating and cooling costs, let Captain Cool bring the refreshing cold air that you need. Contact us today for repairs and read on to learn maintenance tips to extend your system’s service life.

Best Maintenance Tips For AC Systems

Even if you’ve never repaired anything before, there are several things you can do to get the most out of your air conditioning systems.

For starters, you should have our crew come out and inspect your HVAC systems at least once a year. You’ll undoubtedly want us before there’s a change in seasons to make sure you aren’t going without comfortable air.

Your inspection will reveal any problems, as well as expert advice on your best options. We can minimize the risk of your compressor burning out and extend its service life.

Another thing people wrestle with is not knowing what type of home heating and cooling system that they use. There are several styles of HVAC systems, some of which work better than others for specific building types.

For instance, both split system units and ductless split systems use an indoor and an outdoor compressor. However, only the standard split system relies on ductwork and vents.

Most homeowners have packaged air conditioners, which is entirely outside while ducts circulate the air indoors. Depending on your HVAC system, you may have particular maintenance needs.

No matter your areas of concern Captain Cool is the best choice each time. Call now and stay comfortable for longer.

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