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Professional Air Conditioner Repair In Hawaii

When the summer heat and humidity hits, you can’t afford for your air conditioner to stop working. However, the hotter seasons is when most Oahu residents experience cooling issues.

If your AC isn’t going to make it through summer, then call Captain Cool HVAC Services. No matter the issue, we guarantee a faster, affordable repair each time for:

  • Inoperable Air Conditioner
  • Odd Noises
  • Unusual Vibrations
  • Hot Air Blowing
  • Inoperable Fan Motors
  • Unresponsive Compressor Units
  • Pool Water
  • Fluid Leaks
  • 24-7 Emergency Services
  • And more AC repair solutions.

No matter when your air conditioner needs service, we remain available 24-hours every day. Call now for your best service contractor today.

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Don’t Wait Until Your A/C System Is Dead. Have Captain Cool Maintain It.

Common Air Conditioner Problems

Although you know when your AC isn’t working, you might not know what caused the issue. However, many service calls are for the same handful of problems that other customers experience. Whatever the issue, our service team can always find the best solution each time.

A lack of power flowing to your AC could have many underlying issues. It could be old, outdated wiring, problems with the breaker box, or an air conditioner that continues overheating and shutting down, there are many electrical concerns. Our team, however, knows how to repair it all, even when plants are growing too closely nearby.

Worn out fan belts can begin with annoying squealing noises and soon becomes busted units. However, repairing it before the belt breaks is the affordable way to go.

Refrigeration leaks is another common occurrence that leaves you sweating. Not only is a loss of refrigerant bad for your home, but the leaking fluids are harmful to the environment as well. When your unit starts leaking, you need our experts to help.

Frozen evaporation coils can be the cause of many symptoms, including continually running your unit, reduced air circulation, and other issues. No matter what caused the problem, it all leads to air coming out warm. The best thing to do is leave your air conditioner off until your repair technician arrives.

A defective fan motor brings your AC to a halt, preventing proper circulation. Our team can quickly offer a repair, or a replacement unit when you choose us.

Burned out compressor units cause the fan to run but doesn’t cool the air. Unfortunately, the compressor is among the most expensive items to repair, and you can’t risk it to just any contractor. Allow our experienced team to save you time and money on a better quality of repairs today.

Clogged condensation lines make a mess when your unit backs up, and over time many items leave it blocked. Whether you have a buildup of algae, dirt and debris, or even insect nests, our experienced repair team can clear it all away quickly.

When the summer heat comes, and your home can’t cool down, you can’t wait all day for help to arrive. Instead, contact Captain Cool HVAC Services for the best in around-the-clock repair solutions.

AC Repairs Versus Replacing The Entire Unit

Many homeowners ask when they should keep fixing their AC unit rather than replace it. While there is no one correct solution, there are a few factors to consider.

Do you remember when you first had it installed? In our hot, humid climate, your air conditioner should last about a decade before it stops working efficiently.

You’ll also want to weigh the repeated repair costs against the price to replace the unit. If you aren’t sure you’re making the right call, we’ll gladly help you estimate what your current unit is costing you.

What does your AC cost you every month? You may find that replacing it now can save you more on monthly utility bills, making up for the installation bill.

Have you considered replacing your current system with a ductless mini split unit? They have several advantages to offer.

Traditional air conditioners kick on and circulate through the entire system of air ducts in your home. While that may make the whole building more comfortable, are you using all the rooms at once?

With single-room ductless units, you can create specific zones, cooling areas as they need independently. If you have a room that faces west, you’ll want this option during sunset.

You can set all the thermostats to the same temperature, creating the same effect as central air. Installing separate air conditioners doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort.

Late at night, you know when the air conditioner kicks on because of the sound of all the registers rumbling at once. Your ductless mini split systems, however, are far quieter, and can even get installed up to 50 feet away, making it even more silent.

Although units in the past weren’t efficient at conserving energy, today’s models have improved. New ductless split systems come standard with a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio of at least 20, which is higher than the legal minimum rating.

That means you are using less power to keep comfortable, saving you more each month. And because your controlled air isn’t passing through ducts, you keep more of that cooled air rather than losing it to leaks.

Your new AC unit sends air directly to the central blower or air handler, meaning there is no pressure or temperature loss. If your existing system isn’t working as well as you had hoped, consider making the switch today.

Why Hire Us for AC Repairs?

We have continued operating for more than three decades with a dedication to service and affordable pricing for every customer. We work with you to ensure you understand all your repair needs and costs, as well wholly explaining all of your options before beginning work.

We only use licensed, insured, and local repair technicians, giving you your best fixes on the first attempt. And because we have years of experience working with a variety of major brands, you can bet that we’ll get to the source of your problems quickly.

Whether you need a significant repair or preventative maintenance, you can always count on us for better savings and results. Call Captain Cool HVAC Services today for all your service needs.