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Eventually, every homeowner will need to replace their air conditioner. Unfortunately, purchasing a new compressor isn’t as simple as buying the first unit you find.

There are several considerations to ponder first, such as municipal efficiency and energy cost laws, size, and how large your home is. On top of it all, you’ll still need to hire someone to install it.

Let Captain Cool make your air conditioner replacement straightforward. We can solve all your concerns with one call every day.

Is It Time To Replace Your AC System?

Replacing your air conditioner isn’t just a purchase, but an investment. Buying the wrong size or type will only lead to inefficient cooling and higher monthly expenses.

There are numerous factors to consider, such as the ambient humidity around your home, how frequently it’s needed each day, and what sort of HVAC systems you own. Houses that rely on radiant heating and baseboard heating systems, for instance, may not even have air ducts running throughout the house.

Historic homes and older houses may not even have an original HVAC system in place. These houses are practically starting from scratch and require a professional.

Finally, there are the compressors themselves to consider. Homeowners living with split system and ductless split HVAC units will likely have different needs than small buildings which only need window-mounted, one-room units.

Whatever system types your home uses, you can count on Captain Cool to handle it all. Don’t spend too much on your AC replacements and let us help you save more each time.

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