We’re Not An HVAC Company…

Why Choose Captain Captain Cool?

Why Choose Us As Your AC & Heating Service Experts

We don’t service air conditioning and heaters… We serve you first, and then we repair, maintain, install, replace, etc. your AC, heating, and ventilation units.

You see, anyone with minimal HVAC repair knowledge and an HVAC license can repair an air conditioner, heater, etc. But, not everyone can provide you with a great customer service experience and peace of mind that we strive to provide.

We’re more than just an HVAC service company – we’re your teammate, sidekick, and supporter.

We're Human, Not Robots

Live Office Staff To Answer Your Calls

You’re not a robot, so we’re not going to let you speak to a machine. We strive to answer every call that comes in through our local call center. If we ever miss your call, it’s our standard to contact you back as soon as possible.

Locally Owned With National Standards

All of Captain Cool’s technicians are your neighbors that reside in your community. We thoroughly screen and vet all techs before they go through our training and required certification with the National Academy Of Construction Trades (NACT). This is to ensure you are receiving consistent, quality, and professional service that we strive to uphold.

So, every Captain Cool HVAC technician that serves you is licensed and local – they’re just a bit more “cool,” cool enough to serve you.

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